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14 years of experience in ROI-driven digital advertising campaigns


Digital Herder works with your team and your tools to optimize your campaigns. There is no project too small or too big. Full-time projects are given priority.

Ensure your strategies are optimized for highest ROI


Have an idea? Launching a product? Planning for a customer engagement campaign? Planning a full-scale invasion of a search engine? Learn about your Competitors First. Schedule a strategy session right now and stay ahead of the competition.

Optimize your Digital Strategy for Success


SEO, SEM, Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and Content Strategy optimized toward the goals of your company.

Digital Herder Advertising is a digital marketing agency and SEO services company with offices in New York City, New Jersey, and California.


Our digital marketing agency's top services are Competitive Research & Advisory and digital strategy session (book online) that include 1st-look audits on SEO, SEM, content, PPC, eCommerce, mobile website responsiveness, and how to optimize internet marketing - within 24 hours.


We also offer a 36-hour Wordpress website optimization service if you need a fast mobile-responsive site to be compliant with Google Algorithms



We offer full-service marketing services or our digital marketing project managers can work with your marketing team, website design companies, and other contractors you already work with. As project managers, our goal is to ensure your digital marketing goals are on track. To that end, we manage up to 20 teams.

If your project needs a website design, our in-house IT team will build it for you, host it, and make sure it's always online... completely at no cost, as long as our digital advertising agency maintains the project. If you need a Wordpress website overhaul, we have a 36-hour service to optimize your website for business.


We also build email marketing, social and professional networks. The largest professional network we built is now 360,000 members. 2 years ago, it was only 3,000.


Whether consulting on how digital strategy can impact your company's goals or running a product launch campaign, it's the 15 years of digital advertising agency experience that shines through on every project.

Founded by Simon Sikorski in 2002, Digital Herder was better known as Healthcare Marketing Center, serving medical groups, hospitals, and life science companies. Since then we worked on over 500 projects across multiple industries where digital advertising strategies directly impact corporate goals or sales. Nearly 60% of our projects are either eCommerce or digital sales.

Clients call on Digital Herder predominantly for digital marketing project management that involves full responsibility for entire branding, advertising campaigns, sales funnel and eCommerce sales optimization, all linked to SEO & PPC, and digital strategy. 

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