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Three Tips for Successful Digital Advertising Campaigns

Forget what you learned in your marketing course in college. Clear your mind. After setting up the basics, here are top 3 ways to ensure a successful digital advertising campaign:


1) Focus on goals, not just on metrics or "Viral potential". Create a goal for your digital marketing campaign. Is it to increase sales? Collect phone numbers? Schedule appointments? Sell tickets to your meeting?


Too many companies focus on website traffic, clicks, and page views while the real success is in campaign conversions toward your goal.   


2) Strategy beats flashy campaigns, every time. Creating stunning websites is one thing, but creating an easy-to-navigate campaign is another. From step #1 to step #5, is the goal of the campaign clearly defined or are you making it difficult for your customer to take a very important action? 


For example, if your campaign goal is to schedule an appointment, how easy is it to schedule one? If there's a number to call, make sure that number is visible at every step.


3) Your entire company is your marketing department. Every individual is part of the marketing campaign. Be sure they're educated on what you're doing and what's their role. 

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