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Get the Best SEO Wordpress Free Website Templates 

With over 3500 clients since 2002, we understand some companies prefer to do their own website development. To facilitate the onboarding process we offer our clients the best Free SEO Wordpress website templates on the market.


Sometimes it's a question of secure content, competitive advantage, or secret SEO strategies (which are not so secret to us.) For over 15 years we have been offering clients complimentary website development services on all Digital Herder marketing projects. On average, we save our clients $25,000 to $75,000 on website development costs. The average Free Website we offer our clients, over a 5 year plan, costs $150,000 to produce, yet we offer this at no cost. Why? 

Digital Herder is an ROI-driven company. We ensure your phone rings and contact forms are getting filled out. We don't let expensive website development to be the reason why you can't grow your business. If you want to develop content on your own, go ahead. We'll provide all the tools you need to be successful. As part of our digital marketing project, we'll provide you with strategies on SEO, SEM, PPC, and provide weekly competitive reports.

What are the best Free SEO Wordpress Websites Template Themes?

  1. SEO Lightning - free wordpress theme designed for the Mobile-First algorithm. Developed by the Digital Herder team. Lightning-fast to load, with impressive TTFB performance, and rendering of above-the-fold content under 2 seconds.​

  2. PPC Soft Landing - wordpress theme designed for Google Adwords. Developed by the Digital Herder team. With fast loading speed, fast TTFB, and SEO-ready meta-tagging, this wordpress template theme is designed to get Ad Quality ranks of 7/10 or better. 

What is the #1 Free SEO Wordpress Template Theme for Geo-Targeting?

  • Geo-Targeting SEM - free SEO Wordpress website theme designed by Digital Herder. This is a template designed for local search and local businesses. There is no other free SEO website theme that can deliver these type of results. Together with our Directory Listing Service and Citation Services, you can rest assured you will dominate the market for the products and services you're selling. This template is our #1 best SEM / SEO wordpress theme delivering long-term ROI from your search engine marketing campaigns. Why does this theme work so well? Well, this secret sauce is available only to our clients.

What are you waiting for? Get your Free SEO Wordpress Template. 

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