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Digital Marketing & Website Design for Construction Companies, Contractors, and eCommerce Construction Supplies

Digital Marketing Projects for the construction industry, contractors, and eCommerce construction supplies include the following:

  • Website Design

  • Linking digital strategy to specific ROI - sales, calls, brand, etc.

  • Full overhaul of your SERP (search engine ranking page) results

  • Optimization for contact (where you want your customers to call)

  • Social Network Optimization, especially if your work involves visual aspects

  • Directory Submissions

  • Reputation Management

  • Pay-Per-Click Optimization

Recent Highlighted Project:

Digital Marketing for Construction Supplies
Stucco for New York's Commercial and Residential Projects
  • Page 1 Rank for Stucco Supply New York resulting in 62 new clients per month, exclusively from website phone

  • Setup of Email Marketing campaign to 84 existing contractors resulting in increase of contractor-sales by 400%

  • Full Website Design and SEO optimization spiking website traffic by 850% per week

  • Social Media Networking resulting in a 300% increase in referrals for product purchases

  • Directory Submissions to manage reputation resulting in defense of 3 fake reviews and increasing of referrals from popular directories by 430%

  • Pay-Per-Click campaign resulting in reduction of CPC (cost per click) by $14 (75% reduction) and improvement of ad campaign by 70 clicks in just 8 weeks, a 350% increase

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