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Hire a Digital Marketing Project Manager with 14 years of experience

A digital marketing project manager is first of all a people-person. Managing personalities, interacting within all levels of a company, and being able to connect with people on a deeper level are qualities that can't be taught in school.


Experience in being able to decipher body language, judge performance issues as they pertain to every-day situations, and being a good judge of character are just as important as hard-skills like Consulting on SEO, running PPC ads, website design, or eCommerce strategy. 

Most common pitfalls related to hiring digital marketing project managers:

  • Not doing an SEO Audit or short-term project to find out hard digital marketing project management skills    

  • Focusing on Big-brand Experience rather than the size of teams the PM managed, direct reports, overall success of the project team and specific metrics.

  • Focusing on Big-budget-fluff for digital marketing project manager roles. Just because the marketing department budget is X ... does not directly correlate to the candidate's ability to work with different budgets. Rather focus on percentage of digital marketing budget as it relates to company revenues. NOTE: marketing department budget is NOT the same as digital marketing budget. It's usually a small part

My two cents on hard skills for digital marketing project managers:

hard digital marketing project management skills
  • Digital marketing project management audits are your key to finding the right candidate. Resumes are science-fiction. A short, contract-based digital marketing audit is all you need to find the perfect candidate. Digital marketing project managers will not be frightened of a short-term, lucrative project opportunity. They will welcome it with open arms. Furthermore, the digital marketing audits will really help you in defining the most pressing matters to address first, especially if you're interviewing several final candidates.

  • Project Management actually means management of projects. You don't want to hire experts in all of digital marketing. You want someone who is passionate about one or two subsets of skills, but is a master at project management.

  • Are you getting things done is a critical question to ask. STAR questions on getting a project done is more important than asking about "what would you do to improve yourself."

  • Delegation of work is key to success. Be sure your digital project manager is a people-person or this may not get done.

  • The ability to look at data and relate it to company success is very important. A DPM is a people person first, but also a consultant getting a company closer to its goal. The ability to catch important events as they happen and propose adjustments to meet the end goal is critical for success in this role. 

  • Look for SEO, PPC, social media, content strategy, eCommerce optimization, and other digital media projects in the DPM's background. 

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