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Free Website Design Service in New York for any projects managed by Digital Herder

Digital Herder invests in each and every relationship. We are an ROI - driven organization focused on ensuring your phone rings and contact forms are getting filled out. We go 100 steps beyond any other digital marketing agency towards these goals. How far will we go?

Free Websie Design Services

All Digital Marketing Projects Managed by Digital Herder include:

  • Free website design services - at least $5000 credit, up to $30,000

  • up to $15,000 in SEO (search engine optimization)

  • up to $360/year in web hosting 

  • up to $45 in domain name registration

  • $1500 credit for link-building

  • up to $9000 in content development

  • Forwarding of your old domains

  • Investment credit through PayPal. You can offset your investment or startup costs directly through Digital Herder invoicing. It does not matter if you're seeking a $500 credit or $5,000. As long as you have a solid business plan outlined in the Digital Herder invoice, you will most likely get approved. 

How digital herder's free website design service works:

  • We start with a digital strategy and ROI consultation. The client gives us direction and business registration details (address, email, phone, etc)

  • Depending on overall strategy and timeline, we may need to start website design right away

  • We develop all the website design, content, and lead generation funnels according to the digital strategy and the most current best digital marketing practices

  • The client provides product and service descriptions, we advise on the best ROI opportunity in these categories

  • We develop all the links, SEM, and content to optimize ROI

  • For clients that would like take over the content development at this point, we provide lightning-fast, Mobile-First, Free SEO Wordpress Templates at no cost. We will set these Wordpress themes up, train your staff to make sure you have the best SEO strategy moving forward, and optimize all the tracking to be recorded in your SalesForce.

  • We ensure the phone rings, you ensure to pick it up

  • We ensure the email works, you ensure to respond to those emails and provide the best customer service

  • We ensure the sales funnels are optimized, you ensure to deliver the products and services as advertised

Best Website Design is one that's optimized for success

Digital Marketing needs to be focused on ROI, so does the website. You may desire to design a $100,000 website, but making sure it fulfills all your digital marketing goals is the main task. This is the main reason we don't charge for website design services.

Get a Free Website - Contact Us

Describe ROI Goals for your Website Design as it fits your overall Digital Strategy and request for proposal

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