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Hire our Top Paid Search Expert, Simon Sikorski to optimize and manage your paid search advertising campaigns. 

PPC advertising campaigns, whether on Google or other search engine platforms are always evolving. Every SERP algorithm update can significantly reduce or increase your ROI from Paid Search. Every time your website structure, content, or speed, or even incoming traffic are changed, your paid search advertising results may change. Staying ahead of anticipated algorithm and website changes is usually the best ROI optimization strategy. 


Our top paid search expert, Simon Sikorski, is a recognized speaker and corporate trainer on PPC advertising. 


We offer either virtual training or on-location seminars on many PPC Advertising topics as they relate to:

  • ROI optimization

  • Maximizing Paid Search Budgets

  • Reducing CPC costs

  • Strategies to increase CTR and conversions

  • Creation of sales funnels

  • Integration of PPC Advertising with SalesForce for ROI tracking

To schedule an appointment or to book our top paid search expert to review your PPC advertising campaign, please call or text (347) 996-4373, or fill out the form below:

A Digital Herder representative will contact you shortly

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