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Is your sales strategy at its optimal level? Increase your sales in just 3 steps 


These 3 steps can really impact your business development strategy in just a few days:
Sell expertise.

Qualify Leads.

Pick up the phone and dial.
Sell expertise. We just finished a project with a data storage company which was selling its services with a team of 50 reps throughout the country. Even though the company's lead generation was well set-up, there were only a few conversions. We trained 5 reps, optimized social and professional networks, and linked them to their expert profiles to establish them as experts in data management. Conversions from lead-generation sky-rocketed by 330% within just 2 weeks. People don't want to connect with reps, they want to trust in the advice of an expert. How did we do it? Just ask

Qualify Leads. Google Adwords or virtually any Pay-per-Click advertising account can narrow down leads to a highly-specific demographic. But don't stop there. Just because someone fills out a form does not mean they're interested in buying. We noticed that educating a potential lead can really influence purchase decisions. It takes just one extra click to find out what makes these leads interested. What should they click on? Just ask

Pick up the phone and dial. If you have a lead, call them if you have a question during the Request For Proposal-stage. Sending an email at this critical step can cost you a big account. This is exactly the reason why leads coming from digital marketing efforts need to be qualified. Ask questions during the qualification process. Not after. If you need to extend the qualification process, do it in person or over the phone. Avoid the urge to email.

Do you have a question on how to set up your reps as experts in the field? Need help in qualifying leads? Consult with Simon Sikorski, our 14-year Digital Advertising Veteran for just $45. Click here to BOOK ONLINE.

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