Digital Herder is New York's Top ROI-Driven Digital Advertising Agency


As a digital advertising agency, we are driven by your return on investment. Every dollar you spent is treated as our own dollar. We are currently managing $5.5 million in paid search & digital marketing assets for our clients in NYC. Our metrics for success are not fluffy website traffic or "likes" but rather real customers knocking on your door: phone calls, converted contact forms, and customer reviews. If you're not making more sales, our competitive research and advisory services are designed to optimize your business to convert more sales.

How does our digital advertising agency ensure you're at the top of the food chain in New York?

  • Competitive Research. We spent 7 years developing an API smart enough to see what your competitors are doing, and how we can beat them. 

  • Geo-Targeting. We spent $250,000 on software that can integrate with our digital advertising campaigns in New York. Whenever anyone will be searching for your products and services in your business locations, our Digital Herder marketing promotions will be there to meet them.

  • Mobile-First website designs.  Geo-targeted, fast, mobile-first websites are designed for the latest Google Algorithms ensuring your products and services pop up at lightning speeds.

  • Paid Search & SEM strategies. Geo-focused on conversion keywords without guess-work. Even for huge accounts our programmatic advertising strategies are optimized for conversions.

  • Social Media and mobile directories. 54% of all traffic is via mobile devices. We ensure that your products and services will be displaying on your customers' smartphones.

Our NYC Digital Advertising Agency is your Full-Time Marketing Employee


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