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Our Google Adwords Expert keeps getting the same question: How to Optimize PPC to Increase Sales?

Google Adwords Optimization is not Rocket Science if it's linked to ROI. If you're a company that does not like to throw money away, there are 5 things in Digital Herder strategy to optimize PPC and Increase your Sales:

  1. Optimize Google Adwords for Click-Through Rates, not just CPA.

  2. Optimize Ad-Copy to qualify buyers, not just SEO or Ad Quality Rank.

  3. Identify Long-Tail Adwords to find motivated buyers

  4. Optimize ads daily, not just when you need to add a new credit card

  5. Highlight Conversions to specific sales funnels, not just your home page

Want to discuss these five tasks? Book an digital advertising consultation Now.

90% of all Google Adwords accounts lack the above-mentioned industry-best-PPC-practices. That's a staggering number.

Do you know the number one reason for not implementing these five Pay-Per-Click Adwords Optimization strategies?


That's right. Not having someone in the company to dedicate time to manage Google Adwords PPC campaign is the number one reason for failure.

Certainly, having skill and experience to manage Google Adwords Pay Per Click has a lot to do with it. However, skills can be learned. Industry-knowledge can be acquired.


Having the time to learn and implement the best practices, for busy marketing department employees, is nearly an impossible commodity. Between the meetings, reports, analytics, and all marketing activities, 

But is a full-time salary to hire a Google Adwords Specialist really necessary? Not really, and real experts are very hard to come by. In Manhattan, Pay-Per-Click experts can cost at least $120-$150 per hour and most would not work for less than 120 billable hours per month. 

When you need someone to manage your Google Pay Per Click strategy, optimize it to increase sales, and focus on ROI at fraction of the cost, give Digital Herder a call at (347) 996-4373.

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