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Rank High on Google


Review of latest Google Algorithm changes and how to rank high on Google

January has been epic in the amount of changes taking place across the internet and how websites are showing up in search engine results.

At the end of December, Google Adwords accounts were significantly impacted by the first appearance of Mobile-First indexing. Most companies are already seeing a significant increase in pay per click costs for pages that don't rank high on Google.

How to Rank High on Google - SERP Volatility

What is the opposite of Ranking High on Google? Your business will fail if it doesnt have:


Website security and inbound links

Websites on non-Https domains have no chance in competing on the internet.


With mobile searches skyrocketing and the Google algorithms penalizing any and all websites with contact forms on non-https domains, be forewarned.


Now, websites with non-https domains will display a page that says "this page is not secure" instead of your website information. This could result in your traffic to dwindle and eventually your website will be delisted from the first page on Google.

Inbound link strategy is what's going to help your domain rank higher and your page authority to improve. It's not just about getting links from the top directories anymore. You need to build links from other related websites around the internet. 

The best link-building strategy still consists of press releases, directory listings, social media, blogging, and reaching out to authority website owners and asking to be featured.


For best effect, remember to link all of these accounts together with anchor links (So don't link your website pages like this ... ... link pages using anchor text in sentences or phrases: Get a Free Audit from Digital Herder Competitive Research and Advisory Services.)

What is Ranking High on Google?


Fast-loading mobile-responsive websites, media, and of course - Google My Business directories

In the last 4 weeks of January, mobile-first indexing has already been put into play. Mobile-first indexing means that Google will index mobile versions of your website first, rank that, and then the desktop version. Without a mobile version, your business is not going to be ranking high on Google.

If you don't have a fast mobile responsive website, and if you run your website on Wordpress, you can get the right plugins and have a fully-responsive website in less than a day. Literally one day. 


Not only is this going to help visitors to your website have a better experience, you'll rank higher on Google for your content as well. 

Where your website is hosted is also a big issue. If your website is hosted on Godaddy, Hostmonster, or any of the other large hosting companies servers, be forewarned ... shared hosting accounts are not performing how they used to 5 years ago. There are millions of websites on these hosting accounts and they all share resources that affect your website loading times.

Having a website with videos and media, without affecting page loading times, is also a top priority. We tested this on several of our clients' websites and saw a 20% increase in rankings in a matter of 2 weeks.


What is very important for this strategy is to place the videos on high-authority pages with good traffic and very high CTR (and low bounce rates).


Don't forget to tag the videos properly for SEO and include titles in the iframe embed codes.

Google My Business Directory is pretty much your #1 money-maker in 2018. If your business is 100% local, this is your #1 and #2 money maker. 


Optimize it to the fullest. This is guaranteed to rank high on Google if it's optimized.


And don't forget to link it properly to your website. DO NOT link it to the home page, unless your home page is directly responsible for conversions of visitors to real business.


You need to pick a page that you really want to be #1 on the entire website. (And don't forget to link this page from your other pages. Link-structure is very important).


Select keywords for GMB listing properly. Make sure they represent the products and services your business sells. 

Reviews are going to play a big role in GMB listings. Be sure you have a decent quarterly review-generation strategy in place.


Find out what you need to do to rank high on Google. Sponsored by Digital Herder Competitive Research & Advisory Services

On mobile search, costs have nearly doubled when ads are linked to websites without mobile-responsive functionality. With Google owning 90% of all mobile-traffic, you need to have this functionality.

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