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Our Strategy for Website SEO & Search Engine Ranking Page 

Have you heard of these phrases?:

  • "Rank #1 on top of Search Engines"

  • "Top Page Rank"

  • "Page 1 of results"

How does SERP (Search engine ranking page) and SEO pertain to digital strategy focused on ROI?


One question is at the root of the explanation: How do your customers find your products and services?

Answer: If your company relies at least 20% on digital strategy to attract potential customers, you need to plan for your website to be on page 1 of results for the most important products or services.

Our step by step strategy for Website SEO and SERP positioning on page 1

  1. Clearly define your goals for overall digital strategy and ROI expected. If SERP positioning on page 1 is required, we go to step #2.

  2. Design a website for SEO and PPC purposes 

  3. Write attention-grabbing content, tweak for SEO

  4. Short-term strategy. The short term strategy is set in motion to fulfill your company's goals while long-term strategy is taking shape. We analyze your sales funnel and optimize conversions on the website. Then we set up an Adwords account, write a solid ad, publish. We tweak every day, multiple times a day, get results, analyze results, tweak again. We ensure the ads are linked to top-of-the-line sales funnels on the website. 

  5. Long-term strategy involves everything we need to do to ensure that within 8-12 weeks we get on page 1 of SERP positions and improve our rankings as much as we can to get us closer to that highly coveted organic position.


Top 5 tips for Website SEO and SERP planning: 


  1. #1 spots on Google are paid ads. You can get to #1 spot on search engines 1 hour from now, if you're willing to pay for it. If you need to take that spot, we'll get you there in 1 hour.

  2. Have you noticed how many SEO companies offer "Guaranteed #1 result on Google?" Of course it's possible and guaranteed. It's an ad.

  3. To reiterate, the only way to get to #1 position ( or event #2 or #3 in some circumstances) on Google is with paid ads, aka Google Adwords. Setting up an account, writing the ad, and publishing the ad will take under 1 hour. 

  4. Rank #3 result on Google is what SEO consultants call organic results. To get to this position you really need to invest heavily in your website SEO. 

  5. Find out what terminology (keyword or key phrase) is most important when people buy your product. Then find terms that are not as competitive. Top SERP results can be achieved in as little as 24 hours for keywords that are not as competitive.

  6. Don't obsess about being #1 or at the top of the SERP from the start. It is possible to get there, just not right away. On average, it is possible to get to PAGE 1 (not result #3) in 8-12 weeks, and that's if you're website SEO is perfect, you have a ton of links referencing your website, you're heavily invested in social networking where people talk about your website every day, you have exposure through media, and you have at least 20 other SEO/SEM strategies.

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